Attorney Jim Hensley ripped me off beware!

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I hired Jim Hensley for a custody case and to sign over rights to be at peace. I paid this attorney close to 10,000 dollars and he never even made a court appearance. In the beginning he said that he knew the judge and her attorney very well. He had text messages stating that the mother was selling drugs and hanging out with felon's. See she is a convicted felon with a charge of breaking and entering and theft of fire arms. We were supposed to go to court for exchange of custody and he told me that the judge said that he was going to rule in her favor anyway. So we did not go to court. That's after I gave him about 7000 dollars. For about 7000 dollars I got my child support lowered. And it should of been lowered about 6 months ago due to me getting injuried on the job and tearing my rotator cuff. I was out of work for a year and had 2 rotator cuff surgeries. Then I hired him to write up a contract to sign over my rights and he charged me another 1200. I paid him a 1000 that I didn't have due to being out of work for a year. He texted me the other day and said that it was being done. Now he is saying that he can't make her sign the paperwork. And he just said that it was done and should be going out to the judge soon. I believe this attorney has lied to me over and over again. Also he has over charged me!