Attorney Richard Costigan took my last dollars and did nothing

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On 7/29/16 Schachter Portnoy, LLC 3490 US RT 1. Suite 6. Princeton ,NJ 08540. (609) 514-8668 levied my checking account for $250.02 and levied my savings account $7.381.69 and charged me another $60.00 with the honor of taking my money without any notice or chance to respond to the alleged debt that was paid by Beneficial Mortgage in our agreement to a Deed in Lieu at the time of foreclosure. Beneficial never removed the judgement filed in Cape May County, NJ. Docket No: CPM DC-001596-12. This was paid sometime between November 2013 and March 2014 to settle the judgement. This was paid with the $16500.00 I was supposed to receive for RE-Location fee. The sheriff's office kicked us out in November 2013 and the foreclosure was completed in March 2014. That day I WAS HOMELESS and eventually my sister took me in. I'm still there. I then hired Richard Costigan to find the proof from Beneficial and take care of this. I paid him $1000.00 that my sister lent me and Costigan did nothing, I have a contract with him for proof. Then again on August 21 2017 Schachter Portnoy again levied my bank accounts again saying I still owe$2.612.81. This time they only got $$251.09. Costigan will not answer my calls and he stole from me. I have never received or know where my half of the re-location fee went? Please help Schachter Portnoy IS COMING FOR ME AGAIN. They say I still owe $2,493.76 in fees? They Schachter Portnoy think this is fuuny. I have NO MONEY TO FIGHT BACK WITH. Please HELP... Thank You