Attorney David Wilson WAG ripped me off

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I hired David Wilson in June of 2017. I gave him the down payment. He was so smooth talking to get me to hire him. I made payments up to 760.00 as of December 2017. Mind you from June to December he did nothing. He kept telling me he needs updated documents. I became frustrated with the delay of work I felt was being done. I sent him an email and he replies with cases paid in full get priority. So because I have to make payments he delays my filing of papers. I have to get court extended. Court comes around again my papers aren't filed still and he still never filed my papers. I did a Google review on the company only being truthful not saying anything false or out of line. I get a email from his paralegal today saying due to the review they will no longer represent me and they are keeping my money. I'm still trying to figure out what they have done for almost 800.00. I uploaded all the files to there client site and had to keep it updated. Nothing was ever filed with courts and he never wrote any letters on my behalf. So please tell me why I pay half of the fees you do nothing and now you bail?