Ohio Attorney Kenneth James Lewis: “Black Guy Did It” False Report And OWI Draw Proposed 1.5 Year Suspension

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WOW! White attorney Lewis went with the old tell the police it was "the black guy did it" play. At least it didn't work. However, such a racist lie should have garnered a DISBARMENT.

Ohio Attorney Kenneth James Lewis: "Black Guy Did It" False Report And OWI Draw Proposed 1.5 Year Suspension

Another misconduct unrelated to the practice of law case drew a recommendation for a two-year suspension with six months stayed on conditions from the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct.

The attorney was in a car with another attorney. They were both intoxicated.

The driver was in a one-car accident.

They were walking away from the scene when the police arrived, admitted that they were both in the car but falsely claimed that they had allowed an "unknown  black male" that they had met at the Train Station bar to drive them. 


The attorney gave false statements to the police supporting the driver's story. He did so out of a romantic interest in the driver. He pled no contest to criminal charges as a result. 

In a second incident, he was driving drunk with her in the car and pled no contest to OVI charges. 

The board considered his alcoholism in the proposed sanction.

Sadly, the Gazette  reported the death of the other attorney

Source: Professional Legal Blog