New Hampshire Attorney Ragnar Huffman: Convicted and Suspended

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Amazingly this is NOT the first time attorney Huffman has had serious issues in his law practice. In 2012 he was criminally charged for bomb threats. He resigned his license that time but came back with a name change from Ronald Hoffman to Ragnar Huffman. Yeah, that changes EVERYTHING NH State Bar. 

New Hampshire Attorney Ragnar Huffman: Convicted and Suspended

The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently ordered the temporary  suspension of a convicted attorney.

WMUR reported  on the charges

A Seacoast attorney is facing several charges after he was accused of encouraging a client to break the law.

Ragnar Huffman, 57, has been charged with witness tampering for allegations related to a domestic violence case. Huffman practiced law in Maine for years as Ronald Hoffman, and he had a New Hampshire license in that name, but he recently changed it.

 Authorities said Huffman encouraged his client to stay in contact with the alleged victim in a domestic violence case to calm her down and get her to drop the charges. Prosecutors said Huffman also encouraged the woman to recant her story and more.

"He also told the victim if she failed to appear for a (domestic violence order) hearing that he would not challenge child custody," prosecutor Jay Brown said.

Huffman was arrested in 2012 in Maine and accused of calling bomb threats in to two schools. According to court documents, he pleaded guilty and later resigned from the Maine Bar. He then changed his name to Ragnar Huffman.

The New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence released a statement saying that it's "critical that law enforcement and courts take violations of restraining orders very seriously."

Huffman's charges range from witness tampering to criminal liability for the conduct of another. He is facing seven felonies, and bail was set at $5,000 cash only.

Source: Professional Legal Blog