Miami attorney Orlando Delgado suspended after being found in contempt

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Attorney Delgado has now made it a practice to just ignore court orders. It is unknown why he even claims to continue to be an attorney in Florida.

Miami attorney Orlando Delgado suspended after being found in contempt

TALLAHASSEE (Florida Record) — Miami attorney Orlando Delgado has been suspended until further court order following a Feb. 23 Florida Supreme Court order after he was found in contempt, according to a recent announcement by The Florida Bar.

"Delgado was found in contempt for failure to respond to official bar inquiries dated Oct. 18, 2017 and Nov. 9, 2017," the state bar said in its March 27 announcement of the discipline and the Supreme Court's order.

Delgado's suspension was effective 30 days from the date of the court's order, according to the state bar's announcement. In Florida, court orders are not final until time to file a rehearing motion expires. Filing such a motion would not alter the effective date of the Delgado's suspension.

Delgado was admitted to the Florida bar Oct. 24, 1996, according to his profile at the state bar website. No prior discipline before the state bar is listed on Delgado's state bar profile.

After his failure to respond to the two official state bar inquiries, Delgado was informed that a grievance committee would hold a hearing Jan. 10, according to the state bar's subsequent petition for contempt and order to show. Delgado still did not respond and the grievance committee found that his failure to respond and his noncompliance was willful, according to the petition for contempt and order to show cause. The grievance committee found Delgado in contempt the day of the hearing, according to the petition for contempt.

One Jan. 30, the state Supreme Court responded for the state bar's petition for contempt and order to show, giving Delgado until Feb. 14 to show why he "should not be held in contempt of this court or other discipline imposed for the reasons set forth in the Florida Bar's petition," the order said. The same order gave the state bar to service its reply on or before Feb. 26.

Source: Florida Record