Ex-attorney Jill Easter who framed Irvine PTA mom drops appeal, Netflix developing movie about bizarre saga

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There gets to a point when living a batsh** crazy story - you just quit. If there ever was an attorney story that should end, it is this one.

Ex-attorney Jill Easter who framed Irvine PTA mom drops appeal, Netflix developing movie about bizarre saga

A former attorney convicted of trying to set up an Irvine PTA mom on a phony drug possession charge dropped her appeal of a multimillion-dollar civil judgment against her Wednesday.

The move prompted the Fourth District Court of Appeal to end any chances that Jill Easter, who now goes by the name Ava Everheart, could have the judgment against her overturned.

She had continued on with her appeal even after her ex-husband, Kent Easter, also a former attorney who was disbarred, dropped his appeal and settled his case with Kelli Peters, her husband and their teenage daughter.

Attorney Robert Marcereau, who won the civil case against the Easters, appeared for oral arguments Dec. 21, but Everheart was a no-show. Marcereau speculated that perhaps she did not want her name associated with a precedent-setting, published appellate ruling.

“I think we can pretty much close the book on this case barring some really unforeseen circumstances with collection efforts against Jill,” Marcereau said.

Kent Easter “somehow, some way, got some money cobbled together and paid… a significant sum that made a difference in (the Peters family’s) lives,” he said.

Netflix is developing a movie about the saga, which drew international headlines when the Easters got busted. George Clooney is producing and Julia Roberts is set to star, according to Marcereau.

“Hopefully that Netflix movie will get made and continue to help them (the Peters),” Marcereau said. “They feel vindicated and happy they did end up getting a significant amount of money so far.”

Two years ago, Kent Easter also dropped his appeal of his felony conviction for false imprisonment by deceit, just days after a civil jury awarded $5.7 million in damages to the Peters family.

A jury, which deliberated for about an hour, unanimously agreed in February 2016 to award the Peters family $1.5 million in punitive damages against Kent Easter, and $2.1 million against his ex-wife.

Source: mynewsla.com