Ed. M. Walker Conflict of Interest. Breach of responsibilities

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ED M. WALKER IS (AN REAL ESTATE AND AN ATTORNEY) A HOMEOWNER AT EMBASSY PARK CONDOMINIUM, also a former President. During that time he acted as an Attorney and a Realtor selling some Town Houses from that Condominium. In 2017, He is being sabotaging the Board Members Director, and the Property Management, assisting during to those Meeting, cursing and causing with his bad behavior every time a chaos in those meetings. This year he is employed a tactic and has apparently formed an alliance with several current and prospective board members in order to regain the board seat ha had previously lost. As a former President he is being acting as a Realtor and an Attorney, some many documents are proof of that. And Now he wants to do the same thing. As a President under his Election, was disciplined by the State of Florida for failure to hold an annual meeting, and failure to send out the year-end financial Statement.
He is being verbally abused the Property Manager." as a fat useless piece of shit", and trying to get homeowners votes throught tricks and gossip.
Its ahuge conflict of interest but because this person likes to threat everybody, nobody is able to stop this guy...afraid to be retailated. We don't know what to do, cause just he wants to get in, to make money by his own,