California Lawyer James Mazi Parsa Has Over 1,100 Bar Complaints

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Although this story is a little dated - it is an important reminder just how corrupt the legal profession really is today. The State Bar Associations are just puppet proganda vehicle to fool the general public into a false belief of oversight. This is a real story - one attorney with OVER a thousand complaints.

California Lawyer James Mazi Parsa Has Over 1,100 Bar Complaints

Summary: After being placed on interim suspension because of an underage sex scandal, an Orange County-based lawyer accrued over a thousand bar complaints.

If you’re going down, you may as well fall in a big way, right? That was maybe what California lawyer James Mazi Parsa, 50, was thinking when he epically accrued over 1,100 bar complaints before his suspension in 2009.

Orange County-based Parsa was placed on interim suspension in 2009 because he was convicted in 2001 for unlawful sexual intercourse with a teenage employee. ABA Journalreported that he received a two-year suspension in 2014 because of the misdemeanor crime.

Leading up to the suspension, he accepted new clients and took fees even though he knew his license was about to be suspended. He worked at a loan modification practice which had about 4,500 clients and 100 employees.

“He failed to notify his clients that he intended to withdraw and would not be pursuing their loan modification applications,” bar officials said.

The California Supreme Court will determine whether or not to disbar him. After the ruling, clients can file reimbursement claims through the state bar’s Client Security Fund, according to the O.C. Register.

Source:  OC Register